Lamination Specialties is committed to adding value to our customers products. In doing so, we continue to invest in New Equipment and have branched out into Value Added/Assembly opportunities.

New Equipment

1.CTL line - Automated CTL line with in-line punching station.

Stock Width: 12”
Material Thickness: 0.007”min/0.095”max
Feed Length: 0.001”min/999.999”max
Job Program Storage: 99
Batch Count: 999,999
Feed Speed: Variable
In-line punching station (variable hole size)
Self-centering inlet and squaring guides.

2.Large Press – OBI Gap Frame Press

Bed Size: 36.2 x 106.3
Tons: 370 tons
Process: Progressive and Compound
Estimated max part size: 30” x 90”

3.Welder - Automated 6-axis robotic welder.

Robot: 6-axis
Weld type: Tig with/without filler

4.Oak Press - 300 tons

Process: Progressive
Bed size: 36" x 120"
Vamco Quantum 36 Feed
Herr-Voss Precision Leveler
Part size: variable (part specifications and die layout)
Operational: late 2012

Value Added/Assembly

Please Contact Us to quote your value added/assembly needs.
    -Add Components
    -Completely Assembled Units

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